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Profile Measurement Systems


Profile measurement systems measure and record the profile of a target by tracing the surface of the target using a stylus. Some instruments can even be used as surface roughness meters. Models with computer numerical control (CNC) are capable of measuring the angles, radii of arcs, height differences, and screw thread pitches. These instruments are ideal for measuring minute shapes such as screw threads and thin films in the order of micrometers.
In recent years, profilometer models have been developed that use a laser instead of a stylus to measure complex shapes by tracing the profile in a non-contact manner. Some models are even able to perform measurements of both the top and bottom surfaces.
These instruments are mostly used in the creation of prototypes to check whether the specifications match the design drawings. They are also applied in reverse engineering.


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Surface plate

The stylus position can be changed to measure the target at any angle or in any location.
As the stylus only comes into light contact with the measurement point, there is no concern of deformation on the measurement surface caused by the load (measuring pressure) of the stylus.
Additionally, this enables quick, stable measurement with high accuracy.

Profile Measurement Systems

Measuring the Profile Tolerance of Plane

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