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Six Major Misunderstandings About Using Lithium Batteries, Each of Which Is Dangerous!

1、Prohibition of Unauthorized Lithium Battery Modification

Many individuals replace lead-acid batteries in their electric bikes with lithium batteries, causing mismatch issues with chargers, batteries, and wiring. This leads to internal malfunctions and poses significant safety hazards, often resulting in electric bike fires.

2、Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging not only significantly damages batteries, accelerating their wear, but also presents safety risks.

It is recommended to prevent overcharging by disconnecting the charger early or using sockets with timed power-off functions, ensuring a full charge without overdoing it.

 Lithium Battery

3、Prevent Battery Water Exposure

In rainy summer weather, it's crucial to shield lithium battery-powered electric bikes from water.

No lithium battery on the market supports prolonged exposure to rain. If water enters the casing, it remains sealed, disrupting the internal waterproof layer, leading to internal short circuits or complete battery failure.

4、Avoid Indoor and Hallway Charging

According to relevant laws, it is strictly forbidden to park or charge electric bikes in shared building hallways, stairwells, safety exits, or other public areas.

When charging lithium batteries, park the electric bike in a secure location, ensure the charging port is securely plugged in, stop charging promptly when the charger indicator turns green, and unplug the charging port.

5、Choose Matching, Suitable Chargers

Whether for lithium or lead-acid batteries, avoid mixing chargers. Particularly for lithium battery chargers, ensure the voltage and current match specifications, preferably using original matching chargers.

6、Prohibition of Incorrect Battery Polarity Usage

Reversing the positive and negative poles is strictly forbidden. Incorrect usage can lead to battery short circuits, charger or battery damage, heat generation over time, and in severe cases, fires.


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