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Choosing the right COB LED


Shenzhen Getian Opto-electronics Co., Ltd, established in 2005, is one of China's top and leading LED packaging manufacturer of high density COBs. Getian, with strong R & D development and manufacturing integrated in-house, mainly specializes in high power density cobs from 10W to 1500W with high intensity and etendue in white and color illuminations and also highly compact UV & IR LED Modules. Getian leds are widely applied to stage and studio lighting, landscape & architectural lighting, projection & displays, medical & life science, imaging and machine vision etc.



Getian is a UV COB manufacturer offering top-of-the-line UV chip-on-board products and customization services. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, we cater to diverse industries seeking high-performance UV COB LEDs for their specific applications.


At Getian, we take pride in our extensive range of UV COB products, meticulously designed to meet the varying needs of our valued customers. Whether you're in the manufacturing sector, healthcare, entertainment, or environmental monitoring, our UV COB LEDs are engineered to deliver exceptional results.


Our UV COB LEDs are perfect for applications like UV curing, water and air purification, fluorescence, medical research, security, and beyond. They enable rapid and efficient curing of adhesives, coatings, and inks, and boast powerful germicidal properties for effective sterilization.



high density cob led chip

Getian is a manufacturer of high-density COB Chips designed for fiber-coupled lighting applications. Our COB Chips offer high power density and illuminance density, making them the ideal choice for demanding industries such as medical endoscopy and machine vision.


High Power Density: Our COB Chips deliver an impressive amount of power in a compact form factor, ensuring bright and intense illumination for your applications.

Superior Illuminance Density: Experience excellent light output concentration and distribution with our COB Chips, allowing for precise and focused lighting.


customized COB LED

Product Content

-Specialty White

Flash Light/Torch/Washlights/Beam spots/Profiles/Gobos/Projectors/stage light/Architectural Projectors/Video mapping/Imaging/Instrumentation

-Dual White

Studio/Film lighting/broadcasting


UV curing/Sterilization/Phototherapy


Surveillance/Machine vision



-Color Mix

RGB/RGBW/Stage Light/Architectural/Landscape





-Please share your idea with us, and we make it come true.

Please share with us:


-Mechanical Size & Features

-Light Emitting area

-Optical Characteristics, CCT, Colors...

-Electrical Features (power, voltage, current)

-Lens spec

We will build your ideal product. 



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